At APC we know how to effectively treat a bed bug infestation to remove it beyond any doubt.Bedbugs control is very difficult process.Unlike other insects a Bed Bug infestation is much more difficult to remove. This is because bed bugs are very tiny and are resistant to most of the chemicals available in the market. An adult bed bug can lay 200 to 250 eggs in its life time. Hence removal of the eggs is also of utmost importance for the success of the treatment.So we need bedbug control expert.

We follow a 5 Step treatment procedure that effectively removes 100% of infestation 10 out of 10 Times.

  1. Vacuuming

Before the commencement of the treatment our technicians inspect the area to be treated. Our technicians are highly experienced to find out any infestation easily. If the area to be treated is an apartment or villa, all rooms including kitchen and bathrooms are inspected thoroughly for any signs of bed bug activities. The beds and furniture’s will be treated as prime suspects. They will be dismantled if possible. The bed covers and sheets will be removed along will the curtains. All unwashed cloths will be bagged and tagged and removed from the area the bedbug control treatment is going to take place.

Most common clues that can be identified are Bed Bug eggs and Bed Bug Feces. Initial inspection gives a clear idea on where the Bed Bug infestation stems from.

Once the nest/Hiding place is identified, then the treatment starts. Our technicians vacuum the vicinity of the bed bugs nest and try to pick up Bed Bugs in their vacuum machine. The vacuuming also helps in picking up any bed bug eggs and dead bodies. This process also clears up any debris that might have been beneath the bed or any of the furniture’s treated.

  1. Steaming/Heat Treatment

Bed bugs cannot survive at temperatures more than 70 degrees Celsius. Their eggs also cannot with stand heat. APC technicians will use specialized steaming machines to kills the bed bugs with heat. All the furniture’s, mattress cots and Carpets will be steamed thoroughly. Any delicate material which cannot withstand high temperatures will be excluded. This process of steaming will eliminate almost 90% of the infestation and kills any eggs in the bed bug harborage. The heat generated will also flush bed bugs out of areas which are inaccessible for the human hands.

  1. Chemical Spray

After the first two steps it is important that chemical insecticides are sprayed throughout the area for more effectiveness, longevity and larger coverage of the area.

Two types of chemicals are used for the spraying namely Contact spray and Residual Spray. When contact spray is sprayed any bed bugs coming in contact with the insecticides dies instantly. Residual spray leaves a residue behind which will affect any bed bugs that have escaped the contact spray.

It is to be noted that the tenant or occupant of the facility must leave the area during this treatment. Re-Entry can be done after the insecticides dry and takes up to 3-4 hours. Pets such as Cats, dogs, Birds must be relocated from the treatment area. Fish tanks must me closed securely.

All insecticide used are approved by the UAE government and are accredited by WHO. These are non-staining and have no smell. It may take up to 7 days for the bed bugs to completely die off.

  1. Powder Treatment

Finely ground silica powder will spread around the infested area. Silica dust absorbs moisture from the surroundings. Any bed bugs walking on the dust will get it in their legs. The silica will absorb all moisture from the bed bug. This will result in dehydration and eventually death of the bed bug.

The Powder which we use is completely nontoxic and is harmless to humans and pets. Any excess powder can we easily wiped of the floor. But due to its tiny particles the powder tends to remain airborne for some time after the treatment which results in nasal irritation, Sneezing, Cough and Dry mouth. So it is recommended that the tenant or occupant open all the windows upon re-entry for 15-30 min. This would be the last step done on the first visit.

  1. Herbal Treatment

At APC we provide an addition visit on the 7th day after the initial treatment. During this visits the technicians ascertain the results of the previous treatment. They inspect the property again and interview the occupants to find out whether the treatment was successful. Once this is done they proceed to herbal spray.

At APC we use a specially developed herbal spray made out of Mint Leaves, Rosemary Oil, Clove Oil and a few other organic ingredients. This herbal mixture is sprayed in spots to increase the effectiveness of the treatment and to drive away any remaining bed bugs.

The herbal spray is non-toxic and does not require the tenant or occupant to move out. There is a slight herbal smell which is pleasant for the human nose.

These are the 5 steps followed to successfully remove a bed bug infestation. Please see the below video to see the full procedure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do we need to stay away after the Bed Bugs Treatment?

Ans. – Yes, the occupants must stay away for 3-4 hours after the treatment. This lets the insecticide to dry sufficiently before re-entry. All Pests have to be relocated also. On the 2nd visit there is no need to stay away from the area treated.

  1. Will there be a Strong Smell of Insecticide after the treatment?

Ans. – No, there won’t be any smell after the treatment. On the 2nd visit an herbal agent will be used which emits a light soothing smell which gets eliminated within 2-3hours.

  1. Will there be any guarantee for the bed bugs treatment?

Ans. – Yes, APC will provide you 1 Month guarantee.

  1. What happens if I still find live bed bugs after the treatment?

Ans. – It takes 5-7 days for the chemicals to take affect so sighting a single bed bug is common. But if the problem persists after 7 days we would send our team for another inspective and eventual re-treatment if necessary.