Mosquitoes and some species of midges are blood-sucking insects that need a blood meal from warm-blooded animals and humans to reproduce. Mosquitoes and biting midges are common pests in urban areas and may cause a lot of stress and nuisance whenever they bite. Moreover, in some cases different species of mosquitoes and some of the midge species may transmit serious diseases that pose a risk to the human and animal health such as malaria, yellow fever, blue tongue, African horse sickness (affecting livestock), filariasis (parasitic disease), dengue fever (viral infection) and others. The Asian tiger mosquito is known to transmit the Zika virus through biting.So we need mosquito control.

Mosquito infestations may become a threat to people in urban environment, which should not be underestimated. In fact, mosquitoes reproduce with such high rates (eggs develop to adults in under 10 days) that if an infestation has already been established for some time, then most probably a professional mosquito treatment and control will be needed to get rid of the problem permanently. If you have seen occasionally a mosquito or a midge flying around, there may not be a reason for your concern, but if they keep on coming back and increase in numbers that may be a clear sign of a present infestation.

Unlike midges, which prefer dry places, mosquitoes usually inhabit areas close to still water sources, where their larvae feed. In such areas these pests grow fast in numbers and may form swarms. Sometimes they travel as far as 1 mile to find a blood meal and then fly back to the source of water, where they reside and breed. Whenever mosquitoes and midges settle in urban areas, this is usually around channels, ponds and water containers.

At APC Pest Control we offer individually-tailored and targeted mosquito treatments implementing only the most efficient chemical and non-chemical methods for control and removal, which are also cost-efficient and human-friendly. Pretty much, the same methods and techniques apply to the treatment of midge infestations as the ones used for mosquito control.