Snakes and scorpions are found all throughout UAE. With the region being dry and arid the snakes and scorpions found are mostly venomous. They are mostly is found in Wades, mountainous regions and desert areas.

To prevent snakes and scorpions the following measures can be taken.

    1. Creating a barrier between the mountain/ desert area and the property by fencing. Fencing should be buried a few inches into the ground, be constructed using 1/4″ or smaller rigid mesh or solid sheeting, and include a bend at the top to prevent snakes from climbing up and over.
    2. Mow grass often and keep it short. Snakes/ Scorpions are less likely to hang out and move through short grass because it increases their exposure to predators.
    3. Removing sheltering space. Remove waste or large unused material from the property that can provide shelter to these snakes.
    4. Treatments against rodents. We will intensify treatments against rodents (Rat and Mice) so the snakes cannot use them as a food source.
    5. Installation of a perch pole. Perch poles will attract birds like owls and hawks which are natural snake predators.
    6. Frequently spraying, essential oils and putting Garlic and Naphthalene balls in the areas where the snake was seen will deter the snakes from coming again.

For Expert help call APC, we can handle the situation with various means, including trapping and repelling these critters.