Termites are a type of insect that build colonies and live in the ground. They make a problem in some buildings. It causes damage to wooden structures and can cause allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to them. Most homeowners don’t notice termites unless they are infested with them or have allergic reactions to them.
These are small insects that can cause great damage if they attack a house.

They are capable of destroying wood, which can lead to structural damage, damp walls, and the collapse of the building foundation. The best way to prevent pest infestation is to control the number of termites in your home. The most effective way is to control by using pesticides
Lice are a common problem in the United Arab Emirates. They cause extensive damage to buildings, electrical systems, and other structures. They are found primarily in the soil near their nesting site and are usually found in timber or under houses, or in wooden structures. Like piles of wood beneath decks and other structures, they can also be found in other places where wood has recently been removed.
Lichens that thrive in warmer climates are more common in autumn and winter when their population is at its peak.

Anti-Termite Treatment:
We offer both pre-construction and post-construction termite control programs.

Pre-Construction – Termiticides are injected into the subsoil before the PCC is laid over it. The high quality of the termiticide helps us in giving you a guarantee of over 20 years.

Post- Construction – Please contact our office to visit your property. After the site visit, our engineer will suggest what course of action should be taken to treat the termite infestation.

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