What to Do if You Suspect Bed Bugs in Your Hotel Room

If you’re planning on staying in a hotel this summer, knowing what to do if you suspect bed bugs in your room can help ensure that you have a safe and comfortable vacation. While it’s nearly impossible to keep bed bugs from infesting hotels entirely, following these simple steps can prevent an infestation from happening during your stay and keep you from contracting an infestation of your own when you get back home.

bedbugs in your hotel room
bedbugs in your hotel room

Inform the staff

In the event that you suspect you have encountered bed bugs, notify the hotel staff. The person at the front desk will be trained on how to deal with an infestation. They will then either offer a room change or provide you with bedbug powder that can be used as a preventative measure.
When using bedbug powder, shake it from its container onto furniture and carpeting that is not being slept on.

Check your mattress

check if there is any bugs
Look for fecal spots on your sheets

If you’re not sure whether or not your hotel room has bed bugs, the first thing you want to do is look for signs of an infestation like black spots on the mattress, sheets or pillows. But before you take action based on what you find, there are some other steps that can help you figure out what’s going on.

First, start by checking for bed bug powder all around your bed and behind nearby furniture. This will tell you if someone has already been trying to treat the problem. The second thing you should do is check the area near electrical outlets and TV cords. The heat these appliances produce attracts bed bugs, so they often end up clustered together here. You might also see bed bud spary sprayed around these areas as a precautionary measure to keep the pests away from sensitive equipment. It may seem strange to think that a hotel could have bedbugs, but it can happen! To make sure your stay goes smoothly, use this list of questions below when booking a room

Look for fecal spots on your sheets

Bed bugs often leave fecal spots on the sheets of your bed. If you suspect that you have bed bugs, check your sheets for spots and then call an exterminator near me. Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds! Bed bug treatment is a lot easier than you might think.

Take pictures

If you suspect bed bugs, you should take pictures of the suspected bug and send them to a pest control specialist. They will be able to confirm whether it is a bed bug and where else they may be hiding.
Once confirmed, it’s time to get your hotel room sprayed with a bedbug treatment. This can be done with either a spray or powder, but make sure that you have all of the instructions for the specific type of treatment (where, how often) before doing so.

File an official complaint

If you suspect bed bugs, do not sit on the furniture or touch anything. Instead, contact the hotel’s front desk and file an official complaint. They will bring a bedbug treatment  kit and inspect your room for signs of bedbugs. If necessary, they will also provide you with a new set of linens.

Wash all your clothes and linens at home immediately after you get home

The most important thing you can do is wash all your clothes and linens at home immediately after you get home. This will prevent the bed bugs from following you back to your house. If you have bedbugs, they will die without a host. Make sure to throw away any clothes or linens that were left behind in the hotel room because these items may have bedbugs on them and are now infested with bed bugs.

Tell others about what happened

If you suspect bed bugs, notify the hotel immediately so they can take the necessary steps. They may ask you for some personal information about your stay there, such as how long were you at the hotel, whether or not you saw any signs of bed bugs when you were there, and what room number was assigned to your stay. This may seem like a lot of information but it will help them find out where bed bugs are coming from and what areas need immediate attention.

Seek legal advice

Some of the bedbug treatments that we carry are: – bed bug spray – bedbug powder usage. If your hotel has a pest control company, you should ask them what is safe for use on mattresses and furniture.